Harmful effects of gambling

Gambling takes several forms. You can bet on sports, cards or you can play lotteries and machine games. You can even gamble online. In general, gambling is harmless. Many people gamble for fun, however, there is a population of people that gamble so much that it becomes an obsession that inhibits their normal life activities and leads to harmful effects.

The first harmful effect gambling can have on you is financial. In order to play you need money. Many casinos have developed low cost games to entice more people to play their games of chance. People on limited budgets are attracted by low cost games like nickel Keno, penny bingo and low stakes poker. However, many people lose track of how much money they are actually putting into these games, and after hours of playing these low cost games, hundreds, if not thousands of dollars can be spent. This puts many players into a difficult financial position.

The second harmful effect gambling can have on you is psychological. Gambling can become an impulse and lead to an addiction. People who become addicted to card games can gamble away their food money, their rent money, their homes and eventually, their lives.

The third harmful effect gambling can have on you is social. People who gamble online a lot are missing out on social interactions that can enrich their lives. If a person develops an online gambling addiction, they may spend most of their waking hours online, isolated from the world. This is not healthy and it can lead to feelings of isolation, depression and agoraphobia.

The final harmful effect that gambling can have on you is emotional. Casino games, and gambling in general, is designed so that you are going to lose money. Constantly losing at a game can impact your self esteem and make you feel that you are a loser. The wins that you do achieve only add to the problem. They give you false hope that you will walk away a millionaire and they entice you to play more. Unfortunately, this enticement leads you to gamble away all the money that you won plus some.

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