Darkout Game Review Part 2

We hope this sheds some light on the future plans for Darkout and rest assured we will reveal a lot more about the developments in coming months.

Thank you to everyone who supported the beta and to everyone who are buying the game, without you we would not be able to continue working on Darkout and improving it for a long time to come!

There you have it! Many exciting goodies are going to come our way.

Price, Final Verdict

The game is priced at $14.99. Is it worth it? I believe it is. Like I said, I make sure I research the game prior to purchasing it so personally, I felt like I picked well and it was a money well spent.  I am actually very happy.

With everything the game has so far, and as you guys have read, many more new and exciting features to come, Yes, I do believe it is worth it.

I am really liking the fact that the devs are trying to tailor the game towards the suggestions and constructive criticism of the community. The devs seems like they are really trying to reach out to us in order to help improve their game. They also ask the community to help them decide what to create or implement next. These are unpaid developers who created this beautiful game and wished to share it with us, so honestly, if I have to pay 15 buckaroos to show them love back and support, I really don’t mind. Like I said, I am also receiving more than $15 worth of current and upcoming updates and features.

Thank you for reading through my humble opinions and rumbling. Now it is your turn! Share your thoughts and opinions! Did you play the game? Did you like it? If yes, what exactly did you like about it? If not, why? What made you think that this game is not worth playing? Thank you again! And see you in my next review!

Darkout Game Review Part 1

Planned Content patch 1.1

  • The very next thing we are working on now is multiplayer. This will also spawn HUGE worlds, and a few modes you and your friends can choose to play. Be it defend your base, capture the others Combinator or survival modes.
  • Male character with all current suits will be added and another tech level containing a new set of armour
  • Remote, with which you can set traps like triggered grenades, trap doors, trigger floods, lava flows, etc. the possibilities of this system are endless. Bunker yourself in, and surround yourself with a dungeon of traps no one can penetrate or create a room that you can turn completely dark, trap shadow creatures and then flip on the lights and turrets and kill them all.
  • Turrets for base defence and mountable on your sled
  • Achievements and also implement a backstory/history for the world of Darkout via Data Relics you uncover in campsites, crashed pods etc. these will also contain blueprints unlocking new items to craft, and other gear.
  • Expand on the crafting and usage of crystals in suits. Not only will they grant you a different colour light, but the crystal can add an extra ability to a suit piece.
  • And various other bits we’re working on

Brief of content patches after

We also have planned

  • Vehicles / Mech
  • More Biomes (swamp, beach, mutated jungle, new look and dangers in the sky islands, etc.)
  • Collapsing mine shafts, old mine shafts, derelict subways and a cloud city / floating fortress
  • Extra enemies & Bosses
  • Underground bunker with derelict tech and evolved/mutated survivors
  • A hidden and dangerous facility hidden deep under the city where the outbreak possibly began
  • Underwater city/ruins
  • Submersible
  • More weapons and Player tech
  • Expanded wire and pipes system for fluids
  • Weather with rain, and wind and volcanic eruptions
  • Thermal power, elemental power based on wind or lighting
  • New enemy types
  • Shadow Realm

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I hope you have found this article interesting. Please, feel free to ask questions regarding article. I could not express how pleased I am to get your feedback, I would appreciate it very much.